GigotinStudio is an handcrafted 3D, VFX studio located in Paris. Over the past 15 years, we have sharpened our artistic vision, spanning an array of thrilling projects, gaining a heady arsenal of

technical skills for post-production field and visual effects. Our team combines innovation and creativity, covering the needs for agencies, production companies and international brands.

We work closely with our partner Noodles for the development of virtual reality productions.

GigontinStudio has its own audio department, with a particular focus on the binaural listening experience .




2D - 3D - VR - VFX

Compositing - Grading

New-media - Digital experiences

Binaural mixing- Sound design



- 3D supervisor : julian.bonnington@gmail.com

- 3D and VFX supervisor : s.pellodi@gmail.com

- VR and Compositing supervisor : frenchtosh@gmail.com

- Audio supervisor : ductilesound@gmail.com