The genesis:

From the dawn of strong processors until the emerging of dedicated softwares, the computing technology and the breakthrough of digital imaging where pushing out to a computer stunning

visual representation.

Both the scientific imaging, the softwares of industrial representation and the movie SFX industry, even the game computing industry deliver a top of the art of visual realism.

In the realm of an ever more precision rendering, 3D was the first major step aiming to a visual stunning to the end user with the feeling of the distance, an help to intense immersion is done.


Virtual reality:

The virtual reality ties the best of some innovative technology as the motion detection, the 360° in stereoscopy, the binaural sound. Onlyone aim, bring the user to a perfect representation of

an another world, an another reality.

Everybody dreams to walk on the moon, to walk into his own oniric universe, to visit IRL unreachable places.

From artistic abstraction to full realism, Virtual reality brings you to the center of a recorded or synthetically built action. You aren't anymore a single watcher, you are the driver of your own

experience through a total feeling experience

Immersion, interactivity and emotion are the key words to define what must be an optimal VR experience. GIGOTIN STUDIO allways aims to experiment new mediums, new technologies related

to the digital image. VR brings huge research opportunities and an exitingchallenge to achieve through the technics, the creativity and the narration.

A new visual grammar has to be built to this new world.

The heads of VR industry, as Oculus, Sony, and HTC, allied to build the VR technology, are at the very beginning of their stories to deliver and expand an unended better immersing quality.

Today, the implications and application universe tied to VR are large and sustainable, and beyond the "mode" tendance, this new technology aims to change our lives and our habits in long

term future.

In short, this trip is at the beginning.